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His Heart Joy

Yr part enjoy

Our Game

Ignore shame


Grew out of Me

Y justify?

I stiffed mop

Unreel feelings

To return In

No discerning

Unreal cause

His Appear

Kneel Cause


Friend loss and higher

I often offend desire

Atonement clever

Never meant alone

Only win Affair

Lone sin a fair

His to win w


My Title seem

Requital dreams

Oh so fair the bud

Contraire knows but

Idolistic bite blisters

Fight us dopes born fear

Brightest of hopes near dawn

U then I

A 100 million people

Never meant me!

Not to mention

Men benched in

Unwilling that be.

Madd patches sewn

Once batter Hatches

Bunch batten down.

Spirit’s assurance

The allure of no fear

Tender as a garden

Last Friend pardon.

Surprise beholden

Purified win Gold In.

More alive to Self

Core drives Wealth.

Known to lost souls

Till grown men whole.

Pain pended ends;

Mends this offense.

Contain when begin, then.

Have you heard wind n

Wave by birdie in the sky?

Close, draw In your eyes;

No more when you cry;

Lord save YA then I!

One need Peace

It’s in acceptance that you will see

All you’re ever meant to be

Guiltlessness only left to proclaim

Restore atonement in His name

A required state for you to attain

Claim order to a mind that’s stained

And when you see It in another

That’s when you have yourself discovered

Beyond the First Order there is no other

Seek for It or else why bother

When you let all that obscures truth undone

You stand in Grace before the One

No longer separate from the Peace

You can partake the Holy Feast

As you celebrate you will find

You were never left behind

No need to fear or be forgiven

As you give you develop vision

Pulled up the root cause of guilt

Lack forgiveness and you wilt

What is not there has been removed

Cause of God you must prove

For as you do enable this

You will then discover bliss

This is all you want to learn

Forget about the need to discern

So rise above all how comes

Preoccupations with outcomes

They hold you back take out the fun

Release them now they are gone

There is no second to being One

Offer instead his blameless Son

Your spirit knows your function

Before decision consider carefully

Loyalties and freedom Be

Before the ego gets to cheat you

Remove the burden you find there

The split inside it tears

The Spirit’s love will fill the air

Love, Holiness, Truth will show you care

When you learn to decide with God

It gets easier not hard

When you withdraw all your cards

And simply allow Truth to Be

You will Be guided quietly

Go you now withIn, persist

Allow not guilt creep up, exist

Or break the link to God you risk

There is a pain in dim awareness

As you travel through the abyss

But you must remember this

He guides with certain gentleness

You will get past anxiousness

Only heed the call to extend

The burden to defend

Goes on without end

You know not what you do

But He is always with You

Be willing to clean up the mess

And God will surely bless

You cannot know Innocence

Until you display incidents

In seeing others as pure

You receive your cure

Bring innocence to light

Lest you remain out of sight

For we are all joined here

Why would you choose to live in fear

Nothing else but can restore

The Separation can be no more

Guiltliness no longer denied

The need for healing is what you hide

No need to rid guilt or be blind

Release from suffering of every kind

Freedom from all the pain

Now that you are not insane

So stop you now the blame game

Suffer now with this one Aim

Each effort you make a double gain

Release your brother from his pain

Eternal treasures you to attain

Innocence is what you teach

Careful lest you come off to preach

Peace and Joy to unify

God cannot be denied

But you yourself must decide

Bring all to Love and not to hide

There is no darkness the light cannot heal

Unless you insist to keep it concealed

To live in fear is to deny

To understand God on your side

Obscure no more so you’ll be clear

Love remains fear disappears

Truths not lost but can’t be found

Allow not ignorance around

Or fear to cover up surround

Or where opposing view abound

Bring together what is apart

Keep not one inside the dark

To remove all of its marks

Knowledge comes not from double vision

But from the gentle spiritual fusion

His vision is whole not in division

Spirits guidance will help envision

You are whole and complete

Bring all unholiness to holiness

All guilt to guiltlessness

The changeless to the present

Illusion to the past

His Presence is your essence

Purity and grace replace the face of death

God is holy and You are too

Reflect His light with a mirror clean

Not with images imagined mean

Allow not darkness to sweep away

The Light inside You is the way

Keeps the ego at bay

Better yet a better way

The power of God is limitless

Call forth the miracle as witness

Recognize nothing but the call for love

Leave all judgment to the One above

Be sure to make no other demands

Especially one to understand

For that is one beyond man

Attempt not undo what’s true

For in so doing you undo you

Instead beware that you must care

Use your knowledge it must be shared

And never ever ever be scared

To bring a fearful thought to bare

For glad exchange that’s fair

Will help clear the air

And than you will be wholly free

Perfect peace for all to see

Peace and understanding are the test

You are not done until you rest

No insistence recognize

Chance resist wreck no I

Holy Spirit fill mind soon

Room clear will find Role

That makes room for him in kind

The gift of peace to those who perceive

The one and only need


insight/ incite

Cool cue Orange candle

Full range you can handle

Color you will find

Love few till rhyme

Hour call but real

Sour what does feel

A material call

Mere All, Here In


Work In This

Know Her gift protects

Over with protectiveness

Full of Bliss so old

Beautifulness knows Gold

Sparkles Lavender

mark gather Her

My offense inciting

Hierophant inviting

rest Love

Reflective every 1 serve/ice

Total points One Verse Is

 With 20:20 score vision

Plenty ignore Decision

Tiebreaking apology

I fake sing follow thee

Juice totter rather sport fall

Deuce gather Juice port All

kept Team Up by fifteen

but esteem my lift be In

more points sixty gain

Four points fix me game

Set score I’m fed up

Bet more Fed Cup

(I fake more when

Tiebreak score)

Never best of 2-5 sets then

Whenever alive u rest Love

known disguise

Need not be my defense

Feed in why hyper-sense

Start disguise of known

Heart Wise Love sown

Obscure or draw more

Bone In, secure me

Own insecurity

Lost Will borrow

Off till tomorrow

Quest Beauty test

Best View In rests

Aborted distorted

Staying quiet when

Way require It bend

Fountain flow Will

Mountain molehill

Others pressure

Solve nations blew

Of Love’s measure

  Salvation true

More lives reverse

Forgive first-> see

New work still Be

(a dream ignore)

Will you hurt me?

 Serene secure

Motion clearly I’m known

Emotion weary, BYE own

Distorted bought personally

Restore It sought Person In Me

Vulnerable point of view

Honorable, anointed, New

Moon lies Mars smart

Soon my Star parts

Sees the moment

Seize Glow own It

A glimpse

One in ten dam Dames

Complain had everything

Wane bad sever brings

Body hair hardly there

Come Them God sings

Solid partly cloudy stare

One send harder things

Since Path Consists, hymn

Resist wrath see sin rinsed

A glimpse salve A kiss laugh


Still the same so

Will agree, no

to letter or law

Bill, name’s He

Bothered free

Better door

Fathered me

Settler saw

Leave a bit

Needle It


Our Moon lies

All Talents see

->Avail/ Be

Valiant Me

Free Mail

See Sale

Nail Her


Not easy to know

A Hot Breeze flows

Die I panic On

Dynamics gone

Give and take

Live can make

ACIM 72 73 (even stevens)


Born a person, being I am

Torn from reason, understand

Marking childhood aglow

Darkened by the hood ego

Comparatives socialize

To dare no live as disguised

With readiness to wear me out

The pettiness is inside out

Forms again, we’re never content

To be reborn contend content

Dawn allow to redesign

In quiet sign Flow storm

To be alive yourself ignore


Wouldn’t you like to know Self more


Grievances that hold lack

Leave me hints, cry cold attack

Politics some win some lose

Can be licked so come, accused

To please Him desires

Do squeeze In higher

Those who deny, stay little

Enter fly in the middle

Men to traffic or practice this

Cannot wait feeling hate

(Love? They’ve forgotten made Of)

Tactics of attack show that you lack this

A dove will fall before come at you

Hate one “found”  Love unbounded

Hide your eyes and hide your Eye

Body calls out but hardly cries

 All to appease the measly grievance

Displeases the One who leaves hints

Call “even stevens’; leave you grievances

It’s only the fringe of existence, God cringes we exist as this.

Uncover your split

Love will heal it

Ignore not,

Be Hot

Put on ice

What isn’t nice

One in U stand still her

To understand Will

Steadfast you know to blossom

What’s fertile down below

Get past the shallow dung

The best is yet to grow

Put all your plans of freeze

Would command the Breeze

 “Be humble before Him and yet great in Him.” P. 310

Your fate is to generate inspiration, muster desire to go higher.

Do not cherish littleness but Your Title, nourish this

In error terror the mirror clear depict a picture sublime shines Light all the Time.


To reflect doesn’t neglect.


Disregard not This Light or Life is hard. It holds you in high regard, cuts like a knife.


Call Unique Wonder, renew in You and Her come through All


Mad sadness gladden to buffers of suffering. Cherish ->prove suffering


 Tacit in act It seems a fly by notion


A cover to save a dream waving at the ocean


Connotative to portend


Dive one of late or near the end


Outcomes unknown not discrete


Values I own lie at my feet


Whereby disown I am in ruins


Am I denying my congruence?


Pig’s feet amid crisis


Defeat, save me from going berserk


maybe a knee jerk life’s “sane”


Keep trying He sends you Chiron


Chew on what’s coming through


No harm will come to you


Spirit seeks to heal the split


Comes the blow, ego knows!


With the babble and the trips


Dabble, let it rip!


Cannot fail, the Scale is favored


Once it tips Hot Wager prevail


Ignore not this Place


“Yours is no disgrace.” (YES)


What troubles you


Will bubble through


Hide or hold in “high regard”


Smolder butts decide hard


To cycle through again


You could but call It friend


Though your fears unreal


I know those tears are One


To serve Solvent wetter


Be a go getter!


It’s true Will’s Way


All are fair and fit the bill


It speaks from the heart


Must glisten as you listen


Be aware what teaches dark


And while we all His children


Must deny those call to kill Him


Till dust settle you win reconcile


This hurts, even as I write it


Desert, no longer do I fight It


Within comes a Gift when strong


Those that act dumb They belong


We are not immune you see


Spirit communes in unity


That single edge sword


Knowledge reward


The meek you find will blow your mind


Better than the finest miracle or diamond


The letter of One alignment you can find Him meant


Takes (fears)years off your life, removes your curse!


A Universe was created for you to rehearse!


Be glad to uncover


To nourish and soothe Others


It proves you cherish Love


The All pervasive that has created You


This Source knows no loss


We were not meant for discernment


But to return honor by all means


To be reborn not torn at the seams


Common courtesy


You are worth It, so is He.


Decisional power


Doesn’t come with wisdom, that’s ours


You don’t win some and lose some


With Him all come New


Only be willing


We don’t need another Killing.


It’s true about moving mountains


He’ll prove It flows from a fountain


Or in that tree right in front of you


Show no affront, adores you too