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Lesson 49 God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day

Aware of It or not
Share the Lord a lot
-Truth communicate-
Proof immune to hate
Why hesitate to say
I meditate all day
– Uninterrupted –
In error One corrupted
Heart listening is calm
Apart missing Him: qualm
Whole makes certain rest
Holes fake hurting Guest
Man’s wild illusions
Can smile Solution
Pedantic fill his thought
Frantic wills distraught
Reality unreal
Totality One deal

ACIM Lesson 48 There is nothing to fear

In Heaven and on Earth
We must use our might
Unearth divided
Discuss seek unite It
From What is One
A Separate Piece We
With freedom to become
No different destiny
This Great potential
Fate Experiential
Eternal reality
Enlist Me earn in Thee
Witness Wholly Cow
Persist in only now
Before forgive believe
Amore to give receive
The Will deceive ignore
Until no toil as to
A tour till you pass through
Pact no fear enact this
Acts of miracles practice
Grace fine pop “X” abound
Replace mind objects confound
Budge thru judge in you
(Don’t be the faker maker!
Can do it, only as a conduit!)
Don’t book outcome
Or look pout come
To engender fear cold dealt
Then intend hold near self
Hiding out saving face
Wastes time in disgrace
Sense mess is senseless
Just to stand against Us
Blunder man or understand
Best tactic here is a fact
When inadequacy attacks
Freedom is a verb
She comes with some nerve
Chase after till prove
Grace laughter Will truth
More you lean on Him
Lord means to win
Anxiety hide Him, free
Pass Best Guest has no stress,
takes no discerning/ learning;
it merely rests in perfectness.
It’s never denied to those who don’t hide or otherwise deny it.
Wit calls leaves hints to knowledge
It pledges allegiance acknowledge

>Everyone has know ledge; is equipped to know, be brought safely to the edge of his/her own interface with eternal reality which often means clearing their mind of illusions they deny or otherwise hide out under layers of fear

>A life guilt you
In strife stilted to
We wallow in the night
See hollow shadows fight
Cringe at the very thought
Unhinge on what is bought
The doubts glass shards
Twisted broken parts
Wish Him stroke of Heart
Defend illusions you
Offend Solution truth
And holds them so dear
As cold cleanses in fear
Has doubt but bent inclined
Seek out not meant to find
So stressed go to great lengths
The blessed show up His strength
Forgive to learn the facts
You give discern no lack
A Source that does inspire
No loss, the Cause is higher

ACIM: Salvation

come now will you friend?
some how till the end
burn One learn effect
discerning conflict
way to big a threat
Legal goes robust
say to pig ahead
Ego must protect
till trust dead

Unfold con dress
Unconscious hold
further inhibits
disturbs, limits
trims His Word

denied access
my hide ass is
origins call
Sin fall
key come
from me

Free Illusion
See Solution
Re entry is free
He empties this me
Spontaneous thought
regain bliss, caught
now is recognized
wow no wreck in I

no plans and only 1 decision
No Man lonely come His Wisdom

ACIM: Justification of Forgiveness (Matter of X)

I’d like to punctuate
Function of your wait
More you give you get
Sure to live truth bet
Face of fear in time
Pesos loss and dimes
Matter of X
Madder yet

X comes Y
Y from X
Number cries
Dumb know why
Detract facts
Left with a minus
Debt gift unkindness
Your heinous will find us

An error
Man’s terror
More able

Matter of X
Gladder yet
X is forgiveness
Get more give this
Grace is for Y
Score place in Sky
X-Y; bet and know Y
Your Highness Will find Us

More you give you get
Sure to live truth bet

Find Bliss Is
Gee wiz be the physics
Wiz sees You live this

ACIM: Frame of your mind

ego sit you wait
Wind flow He rates
Frame of wooden fantasy
Shame could of dance w He
who’s the referee?
Defer You Be

Ever changing goals
Never blame a Soul
haunted; really need?
wanted really, heed
unaware, Fear walks
One who cares Spirit talks

Foundation framed
Picture malady
Nation bound claim
depict reality

peace, sanity, love
handle “free” love
aggrandize (He hates with me)
A Grand “I” (Creativity)

Guilt trips nervous
Filled rips serve Us

making up doubt/past
taking up out cast

vicarious (dare me us)
“I carry Us” (precarious:)

tide let go
hide bet know
ebb confidence
harmful evidence
blowing in the wind
knowing theres no sin
visionary true thought
you bought decision hurry

the whole of creation in eternity
the hole see hate come u learn in me

ACIM 44, 45 “God is the Light, Mind in which I see”

Ever find the fight

Two eyes fall might

Clever blind A Light

Truth wise tall sight

Cold frown found not

Lot folds down hot

Pity in the dark

Helpless you lose

With He make mark

Wellness this choose

Haunted speck in time

Wanted reckon mind

Refuse specialty

Whistle He use me

Cause to see Part

Horse before Cart

Muster lean begin

Luster Me n Him

ACIM Lesson 42, 43

Know you team with Him

World seems to grow dim

As it fades go far

Brave know Who are

To link now truth

Aloof how you think

If fear enters in

Sift centered again

Truth knows no opposite

Suppose aloof, stop at It

Undo discerning must

Blue you just yearning

All perception is deceiving

Grounded to certain facts

Fall/rejects Him or believing

Founded no hurt in lack

Quick fold harm realize

 Old tricks gone/purified

You are nearly station

To Star clear temptation

Depends on perception

The end harm rest in

Illusions generate bust

He loses then frustrates Us

Remains a dream where to go

Deem changeless you flow Care

Pause to clear flaws to truth

Spirit’s Cause draws you near

At your pleasure One Attraction

Bat distraction comes more measure

Birth restored Is your knowledge

Earth ignored sure is college

The Third Way


Sacred Son

Mate IT One

Forever Pure

My Love sure

Lioness, Pride

Your Highness, I

Neon Signs say

Be gone Way

Miss Word Real

This third wheel

Darken eyes

Park lies

Lesson 161

Hands gentle

By his touch

Man is mental

Can this much

Body mention


When I answer

Hurt Him, dam

Stand fragment

Worsen tears

Fragile matters

Latter years

Groom glad


Room had Her


Depict by

I specify

Brat back


Bright Light bind free

Love heeds the windfall

Fright kindly remind me

Uncover need know symbol

Prove touch seen and heard

Truth means much pan Word