Monthly Archives: October 2013

work It

Think now, give it some thought

Let eye be single, all else is for naught

Spirit’s generalizes, takes all with all

Fear eyes of a miser fake lift recall

Blindsightednesss, slam Her door

Hind sight, bliss man underscore

Stars that have eyes gleam lush green hair

Voice of God screaming  mouse from the chair

Rivers of life your lift vocation

Cosmic patterns purification

As once you learned bore attack, to sin

More joy, no lack forgiveness  begin

Soothe the urge let go find

Groove He urges echo in minds

See Him send more wealth;

Turn, go within

Reinvent yourself daily, p.r.n.

A bust Lever lifts Will cried me so

For just the gifts We Will bestow

Suit You His Presence Ever New Part

Never miss Beauty, bless from the heart

Only you must be certain you see

You remain as He work It in Thee

treat or trick

unreal find wounds                                   time heal all wounds
willing be whole                                         fill in the holes
ample opportunity                                     trample opportunity
forgive do correct                                      live to forget
let go                                                          bet, “know”
step out of way                                          debtor way
nature do Its course                                  paid you, of course!
Real, ease healing                                    unreal feeling
sane happens, joy                                    blame to avoid
“FREE” concept(budge)                          pre concepts judge
enjoy ourselves                                       wish hour of joy
dig, near It                                                    big fear
let Her be happy                                     better be snappy
Will Him (willing)                      thrilling, “top billing,” “in for the killing”
work for All Its worth                              work if it’s worth it
whole heartedly                                    holes, parts of me
   “It”                                                              “split”
let go ego                                                 ego extolled
look fear square face                    book “queer” “square” disgrace
Realize                                                       conceal “I”
fear never gotten better Us        “queer” “rotten” disgustingly near
I’m > mere mortal                                    I’m mortified then
Something grander                               come sling slander
Love conquer hate                               Hunk, I’ll “rate” You
“Other Side”                                           discover, hide
safely kept                                             escape  dread!
“every” “time”                                        memory in mind
quiet/quite a relief                             hide and seek a relief
prepared to move                                 scared to prove
Strongholds down                                 Wrong downfall
flow deeper!                                           know weeper
Home persist Him                             dome like existence
pact, squeeze in, clear                   fear “reason” for attack
no idea of lack                                 lack of love flow fear
fades; error seek, come                 made complete: terror
One correction                                     gun protection
out come margins                            doubt from bargains
smile/Forgiveness Merited          while I forgive, error lives
know free but you dream           up to me has no meaning
constant purpose                         harm comes to surface
I, One Accord                                      If… I can afford
Fusion won!                                          Confusion
ripped it                                                 Scripted
plans we greet,                                advance retreat,
look for It to back You                   look forward and back
remain, Host                                         gain/loss
common purpose                               solve/worst
shape shifting                                  escape/drifting
find grace                                           time/space
Come her, dance All!                       circumstantial
Treat All, come!                              Tricks beat Son

Re-direct Her

All thoughts swirl were born in time
Replace the One not left behind
Among the layers of a mind adrift
Truth seeker’s say her find it’s split
Undoing nothing, just fails to support
Returns to dust, illusions abort
What they hid is now revealed
And like a kid comes, wow healed
Hints of glory rather than sorrow
Gather footprints tomorrow’s story
First in you, now you are sure
Bursting through, power more
For there is no hesitation in
Remembrance of love’s intention
Timelessness where peace never left
Dreams of sin and guilt bereft
Brief the interval, no lapse in continuity
Yet in Its fullness, He knew we’d be
No disturbing thoughts interrupt
That you have to curb as they erupt
A minor thing wage to quash
Fresh waters engage you wash
Why would you seek for something else
When you can have the truth about Self
With thanks, I’m faithful to remain
To late holding blanks in vain
So today I merely follow
Know way of fear flow hollow
I cannot know nor question this
But will accept its tenderness
Where is the hurt and what of fear
A bird call Care they disappeared
And all I do is re-direct
Discover who, myself perfect


Live on Earth, appropriate
To give birth, a Pro creates
Not keep hidden
But seek no quitting
To do Love’s bidding
Discover admit Him
Knows things; eternal life
Those bring, return Him twice
Where, if I am to persist
Care gift then Her assist
Know skin of my hide
Flows thin love denied

less on guess, claim

Creeps won’t budge
Seeks to judge
Forsaken the weak
Deny then stake claim
On High attend blame
Abhor those sure
Mar more harm comes
Them bargains flow war
A lesson guess claim
Pain lesser insane
The Way freeway
Let able set table
Found so make It
Know sacred ground
To live fate you give great
To not give a hand is to live abandoned
Free hesistancy to see resentment in me
Heed not soil hot nor toil seeds not needed
Do choose to bend and loose choice condemn
Know and let glow what’s grown in your home
Contort u knot connect the heart do no distort duh body parts
Then One accord brought forth the hardy healthy award
Forgive before you live
Restore One will 2 give
Two understand One Her command
The fight in you enlighten too
Do not forget forgive connect
The end defend;\
fear, tears be gone
to chose no harm you look upon
Jesus Christ, He’s Us; suffice.
He Wept to free, kept you.
Guidance in silence,
delight in the light
Fear disappears
Spirit clears it.


Why Hope dashes
Sin to free
mope eyelashes
begin to see

how then come
sullen do sadden
when wow some so
sudden you gladden
at last from?

take passion
fake, “fashion”
a bastion
poor cash in
or master/kin
to It
true It?

we run from
One Way All
discover no ruins
Lover’s congruence
He’s not through
You knew It
Ease knot thru
Squeeze dots to
Truth grew It

the trick break
our own fall
see bricks made
stone tower tall
each step up
teach kept, but
no end All

The patterns
At last Him
outcast dim


harm regrets
hound despair
warmth He sets
bound to share
found this
bound less
but go back begin
cut flow lack of Him
the game of sin
insane no win
seeker needed not
leak Her bleed or snot
be gone the fence
free harm offense
Prove, witness own
truth this is grown
under pretense hold back
thunder she “sense” cold facts
desire.. dishevel..
or higher the level
maintenance, upgrade
tame her since saved

One Will Accept

Until you accept Him
(One will to acceptance)
guiltlessness proclaim
you’ll filter, miss aim
claim sin so and find her
reminders stain windows
free harm you rest curse
beyond serves to bless
Let all traces undone
Settle grace, this calms One
truth acknowledge been removed
solid, follows then we proove
As you do enable this
Fable pass you into bliss
Dreams reckon dare through come
There is no second to being One
Punctuate His blameless Son
Your function rate remain this One
Consider before decide
One with Her ignore hide
Loyalties and freedom be
Royalty or heathen me
Remove burden, find tear
Soothe hurting, bind care
He relies see pleases God
It gets easier not hard
See how groove desire be
Simply allow truth quietly
Contrary, climbing fence
Be gone worry, behind offense
Persistence pays off
Enlist Him, Savior
Creep of guilt her risk
Keep love still persist

mad had her

Mannerisms taught by gather In
Fan out disorder I rather Him
when certainty is gone
hurt in me, harm
Hat of was
What is left
Buzz no chatter?
Bliss? bereft?
Kiss mad hatter?
Go there rest, in act this
Depress know scare tactics
Treason knows why
Reasons won’t die
Something to “live for”
Swing comes “out the door”
If I negate, all
Rate lies naught? Fall?
I “need” think of “something” “great”
Believe “IT” leads, to motivate me
Follow show man I?
With Solomon eyes?
“Lay me down, fall in your bed”
Be no sound call in your head!
Or do those thoughts cover
Know you ought to discover
Crazy Idea?
Or lazy my fear
I’m just scared
Trust aware
Bother free I
Blow my mind
Fathered by me
So You in bliss
I’m used to “this”
Well worn hat
Tell torn fat
Defend the seemingless
The end is meaningless
Best guest, defend Her
Lends of gentleness
Cannot be bought
Hot head “thoughts”
Will dawn blank mind
Thank God bought find
Endow the Quietness
The Now requietis
Her zap discern
This happy learner
On brink brought
No tinker taught
Draws forth to
Cause lost knew
Grasp future
Past wounds you
Detect Her
Connect her
Hold no fear
Fold In dear
No need comparatives
Heed One aware He lives
Endeavor free or never be
My kingdom come thy freedom from
You won’t regret what you’ll forget
No hurry or know worry
He that sets a table
Be not neglect enable
Begin attend in front of you
In sin we shun pretend in few
Thoughts I’m not attached to
He walks me through my lack
Whereby I grow the wiser
She knows the tears I cry so
abandonment, own drama
command One grown dharma
Through anger pain and fear
grew tangles disappear
my mind, It is Yours
quit find twisted flaws
knew gave It birth
You save on Earth
My Will is but
It fills my cup!
He loves me just so much!
Free of needs and crutches
Inside I feel the touch His
I grow inactive in a cage
I know practice I have to wage
Fall aspects though negative
I must forgive them also
For love to flow I care
I go inside aware
Abide all parts you and me
Cried my heart unity
Ugliness before
Free hugs
See this

Atone meant

Hand of man
Pandered guilt
Can, Handle, Will
Command, fill It
Made bed
Seems undone
Dreams of One
Gleam comes
Berates through budge
You operate judge
Lack flows
Bleeds out and flows
Know doubt and need
As attack goes
Fear disappears
Goes like this
I fight bliss
Then see in you
Pretend and miss
Intimacy through
Fault my own
Halt, disown
What have I done?
Deny fun
See you in hell, know
Those free to be well