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High and Dry (Lesson 199)

God, at minimal, you find
As told in the obvious
And subliminal mind
Stirs from error the abyss
Mirrors further deep in kind
For sometimes in order
You have to, you sort of,
The loneliness eliminate
To hone in, not incriminate
Best time is when you’re left high and dry
To finally find the reasons why
May even feel as if a desert
Go deep inside the earth
Some say I might get hurt
Others: I aint putting up with dirt
I say: Respect your worth
For when you’re blown off course
You’ll find you suffer not from loss
When you come for air
So much clearer, you can’t compare
As you become more aware
You’ll see, all and all is fair
Alone you find home
No longer body, find
Connected to a mind
Something more is bought
This is what you sought
It’s there, like it was
But true, unambiguous
Hide it not, conflict free
Body serves, worthy We

Universe serves (Lesson 152)

Alter the course
Falter no loss
Decide shows knoweth
Growth flows inside
Replace painful bets
Gain grace elects
One can grieve or fear in
Make believe land queer
Outcomes to pout from
You reject
Knew perfect
Further consent
You are One sent
Concur hence
Choose Her wish
Who’s to cherish
Wreck defiled mold
Reconcile the old
Take on new
Fake, harm knew
Truth: true; no exception
Proof in you, reject none
The light you r seeing
Delight in your being
Emotion shifts memory
Waves go hi n low
Ocean lift everything
Deny to save I know
Gain relief?
Cease destroy
Pain in peace?
Grief in joy?
Transitory states are false
Berates Boss bans It
As creator, create It
Generate. Fated then
Power of decision our own
Hour of wisdom atones
Frantic thoughts
Pedantic, “bought”
Chaos will play us
Harm depict
U reverse curse
Universe serves

Pause (Lesson 155)

I have no fear or cause for war
I am not really here no more
Illusions sink behind the truth
To lose Him think me blind aloof
I might appear to show flaws
Then sight clear knows more
My eyes look on quietly
Require shook desire free
Carefully awaken show
Shaking free aware I know
Look behind see steps
Free the book kindly wept
All roads will lead to bliss
Abode still heed the steps
To know dreams of intuition
Or the conditions of a dream
Understanding there incline
To find wonder care in Mind
Deceptive when one demands
Concept lives then command
I think of Him awhile each day
To greet and win a smile pays
Away from loss of every kind
Son pay cost in memory finds
Pause Her reflect on this
Cause perfectness

and then comes One

Appear again, my fear or friend
I leave to clear deceive again
To cleave to fear I bleed too, can
I recommend reality
Its “them” I see out of me.
stealing or chameleon
To cherish then a fact
I perish when attack
Tell me are we done?
Or can I come again?
Healthy further on,
Wealthy serves the Son
Will It ease past my “will?”
Till the peace lasts, mind still?
Snarly knots grow substitute
Rubbing harlots; know your fruit.
Who can It be now?
You demand see how.
Go under flaws shown
Wonder beCause known
Masked you see task be
I will still me
My Free Will be
What has begun you lay waste
He hastens as you make space
Then comes One with grace

Let’s Be Clear

For an instant if you could
Suspend judgment all be good
As if no needs you could feel
So no methods, make them real
Think of Self, connect to Source
Unable to suffer loss
Not to seek from someone else
Your potential, or own wealth
No demand they stand so near
Cause you hold the body dear
For you only seek to find
Communicate with like mind
Not to make of one another
An illusion or to smother
Never need to sacrifice
Guilt intentions are not nice
Can’t help but expect attack
No one’s suffering from lack
So let’s be clear/free of fear
Of our purpose while we’re here
Think you’re special, must defend
We are different then not friends
How about this, how about I dare
You not even choose to compare
Seek not make me small, perceive
See no specialness indeed at all
If this practice you could cease
You may then discover peace
Its pursuit will bring joy
Illusion of yourself destroy
Sin made real from nothingness
Prefer truth, get over this
Image of entitlement
Dims and lends a great offense
Search for lack must you maintain
Hurts in fact, trust no gain
See you not to crucify
One another to deny
Discover the call on high

We shed or mirror

Life unfolds
No crisis
Be bold
The physics
He bled
We shed
Not from
Nor outcome
Lives lifted
The Gift
Before you can give
Then you live
To give
For God’s in You
Not hard to (too)
There’s plenty
To do
In Activeness
Pact with bliss
Let go you know
All do
Through You
Or mirror


Love is the miracle
You are adored
Life lived in full
Do you want more?
You know how come
You have fun
any expression
Of love?
As from above
You’ve discovered
What you’re made of
So of course
Returns you to Source
Where you suffer no loss.
For you defect,
When neglect to detect this Effect.
Let’s compare:
The perfect to your “old self”
As you draw closer to the true you, there is more allure, meaning life has more in store for you.
Old Self with frown cause down on health, bound to wealth or when/again the next meltdown.
So I won’t keep you guessing: start the Lessons. Whittle alittle discipline, win a day, Teachers Way.
Spirit doesn’t hide from those who decide.
Effort, well, lets see, do I wannabe free?
I bought a dress, so I “lost” the effort that went into the cost of the dress as you can guess.
Yes, you can make the effort. For Higher aspirations will lead you to your finer creations.
We are All a Chip off the Old Block. Don’t knock It. More important than you winning at discipline is becoming aware of how great You are. Wish I could share but I can’t come close; Heaven Knows. Everyone has the ability to be Great and Create and it is our fate to find out, I’ve no doubt that Any One is left behind except in his own mind. For just as We are able to be great, decisional power is ours, now and every hour, every minute, every millisecond. In point of fact, science has proven reality exists beyond time hence you’re behind if not there already. Space too, for that matter, for matter interferes; but have no fear, no black holes; will fill your holes and make you whole and holy before we go there.No you don’t have to kneel but you do go to an altar of sorts and it may be sorta dirty but that doesn’t mean you’re not worthy. Discover the split, no time to call quits. Roll up your sleeves and don’t be deceived, follow the leads. Spirit corrects, while Ego projects. Get to know. Miracles will cycle as you see the circles. All the while your Spirit will spiral you up if you stop with your: and, if or buts. Do not remain in the same games but gain momentum. Taste and see. Waste not, be free. Miracles are amazing but they are but a phase… To be able to share a mind is your greatest find In the beginning was the Word, have you heard? Unite to excite it!.


Man does see
To save
He tries
To buy
To bring him
Or win him over
Looks out there
As if thin air
Can compare
With what’s In
To see
Is free
Has nerve
To serve
Our wealth
Comes with
To rehearse
Find our Source
It is Us
To kneel
To what’s real
Our title
Not the idols
Clouds of doubt
Idle about
To go In
Knows Him
One Accord
Cries You Lord

man of decision

Love demands decision
Man no precision
Neuter holt the cry
The fruitful multiply
A mouse gets off his chair
Insight set you aware
White castle sleeve in sky
Not hassled even die
To hold the reasons why
I boldly never depend
I hold forever friend